Scribblemakes' OCs


Baldur's Gate 3


PronounsHe / Him
ClassWizard (Illusions)
SpeciesTiefling (Mephistopheles)


Fractal is an illusionist who wears a full set of armour and a cloak, but covers himself with an illusion to appear casual at all times. It serves two purposes: make his opponents underestimate him, and look relaxed doing it.

He works at a magical university and teaches illusion magic as a professor, assisting other professors by creating illusions to accompany their lectures. This helps him indulge in his thrill seeker and scientific side, getting up close and personal with all kinds of magic and working on new illusions.

He has a boyfriend named Jack who also works as a professor at the university and often stays late to work. Luckily they’re both workaholics, even if Fractal’s is more practical.


PronounsHe / Him
ClassPaladin (Lost Oath)
SpeciesElf (Wood)


Rel'maen was born in the outer city of Baldur's Gate, growing up there and developing a love for nature and all living things. When he was of age, he swore an oath (Oath of the Ancients) to protect nature and all life.

He lived his life travelling and protecting life as he could, returning home often, until he was abducted by an Illithid Nautiloid and infected by a mindflayer tadpole.

After his abduction he met several others who were also infected, banding together with them to seek out a cure before they started sprouting tentacles. He also met the love of his life during the adventure, the charming Wyll Ravengard.

As he fell in love with Wyll, he also began doubting his oath as it became harder to be faithful to it. He was enjoying the company of an undead vampire, someone who he'd normally kill to protect life, and struggled with destroying the wand that would return a husband to his grieving wife.

As they returned to Baldur's Gate and Rel'maen accompanied Astarion to Cazador's castle, he finally broke his oath. He was faced with cells full of undead children and refused to end their existence, going against his pledge to protect life against those who would end it.

That night he was visited by the Oathbreaker, but turned down his offer to swear a new oath to darkness. He'd watched his newly-bethrothed fiance break his pact, encouraging him, and decided that pacts and oaths were not worth the power they provided, if either would ask him to kill innocents.

After the Elder Brain was defeated, Rel'maen agreed to go with Wyll to hunt the devils of Avernus and kill Mizora. He hopes to train first with Lae'zel and Karlach, in her new mindflayer form, to learn more beyond what his oath used to offer him.


PronounsHe / Him


Torin was borin in the lower city of Baldur's Gate, growing up in poverty with his mother. He developed an interest in the arcane after watching street magicians, learning from them by studying their movements and scrounging for components. As he grew up, he earnt money as a street magician and managed to earn enough to get proper arcane tomes to study.

As he was continuing his studies, he was abducted by an Illithid Nautiloid and was thrown into a group of strangers who were in the same situation. Together their mission became to find a cure.

As the quest progressed, he found himself falling for Gale of Waterdeep and becoming charmed by his fellow wizard's control of the weave. He found his interest in the arcane fascinating, and geniunely was interested in learning more about the crown of Karsus as it became known. However, he began to fear his partner's obsession with rebuilding the crown.

While he did fear Gale's developing interest in harnessing the crown, he didn't turn his attention to his own interest in developing his illithid talents. He didn't realise until it was too late how it had been warping him, failing to stop a partial transformation triggered by the Emperor. He made use of the powers now given to him, despite his worsening concern about his changing body.

When it was time, he was able to free Orpheus and sacrificed his body to become a mindflayer at Orpheus' request. His mind became clear and the fear melted away after his change, fully accepting his new abilities and using them as often as he felt like. With these powers, the group could defeat the Elder Brain and obliterate the tadpoles.

As they returned to Baldur's Gate, Gale abandoned him to search for the crown. Now alone, he nearly watched Karlach die until he and Wyll could convince her to return to Avernus. Now as a team, he, Wyll, and Karlach stayed together in the Hells to fight the devils that would take Karlach.

Torin is currently learning various plane-travelling spells and practicing his disguise spells so the group can return to the material plane, hoping to meet their friends and especially Omellum and Blarg.