To order a commission, you can use the form below or contact me on Twitter / Tumblr @Scribblemakes. You can also email me at scribblemakescomms@gmail.com.
If you're looking for a style or order that isn't listed, feel free to contact me.

Commission Prices

A list of standard style prices for commissions. A text version of the image is below it A list of special order prices for commissions. A text version of the image is below it
Standard Styles
  • Black and White Sketch: $45 aud / $30 usd, per character
  • Clean Colour: $65 aud / $45 usd, per character
  • Full Shading: $95 aud / $65 usd, per character
  • Backgrounds: +$60 aud / +$40 usd, transparency and patterns are free for all commission types

Full and Half bodies are the same price. Headshots and icons are 50% the price. Complex characters and backgrounds may cost more.

Special Orders
  • Paintings: $115 aud / $80 usd, per character
  • Comic / Animatic: Price dependant on style, per panel or frame. For example: a sketch comic is $45 aud / $30 usd per panel. Backgrounds also cost an additional fee.
  • Sketch Pages: Price dependant on style, per character. For example: a black and white sketch page is $45 aud / $30 usd per character. Each character is drawn 5-6 times and based on a general prompt you provide.

Prices do not change depending on size / crop for special orders. Complex characters and backgrounds may cost more.

Order a Commission

You can order a commission by contacting me through my social media, email, or by filling in the form below.

Terms of Service

By ordering a commission, you agree to the terms listed below. The artist retains the right to deny any orders, before payment, for any reason.

  1. The buyer agrees to not use any commission received from the artist in sales, trades, advertisements, or promotions related to cryptocurrency or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Any use of a commission that uses cryptocurrency, or minting a commission, is considered a breach of the Terms of Service and contract.
  2. Buyers may cancel their commission at any point, and will receive a full refund if cancelling before any progress has been made on the commission. Cancellation while the commission is being thumbnailed or roughed will provide the buyer a 50% refund, cancellation during any other stage of the commission will not provide a refund.
  3. The artist retains all rights to display commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, blog, or journal. If the commissioned work is time sensitive, the buyer may request the commission to be kept from public spaces for up to 30 days after completion.
  4. The buyer may post the commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, blog, or journal, as long as the buyer acknowledges it was created by the artist and not by the buyer or a third party. The buyer cannot use the commissioned work for commercial purposes unless negotiated beforehand with the artist.
  5. The buyer will not remove any signatures or watermarks added to the commission by the artist.
  6. Payments $50 (AUD) or under must be paid in full before work on the commission begins. Payment for commissions over $50 (AUD) must have 50% paid upfront, with the rest being paid after completion, or can be paid in full before work begins.
  7. Buyers may make minor revisions to the commission during production, such as colour adjustments and small details, for no additional cost. Buyers may also make 5 major revisions during thumbnailing and roughs. Further revisions cost an additional fee. The artist determines if a revision is minor or major.
Anything not listed in the content limitations is open for discussion.
I will draw / animate:
  • Furry / Anthropomorphic characters
  • Robots and Mecha
  • Monsters, including eldritch horrors
  • OCs and self-inserts
I will NOT draw / animate:
  • Hateful imagery, including discriminatory or bigoted content
  • Anything prohibited by Australian law or against my TOS
  • Intense violence or gore

Commission Examples

Commission Example 1 Commission Example 2 Commission Example 3 Commission Example 4 Commission Example 5 Commission Example 6