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A cartoon portrait of Scribblemakes I'm Scribblemakes, an artist and programmer! I love to make things that inspire others and help people create their own works.

I'm an Australian trans man (he/him) who loves to schedule things at 8am AEST, so if you're trying to keep up-to-date with my posts: check my site around that time! (or follow my RSS feed). I mostly share updates about the site, what I've added to other sections (code, art, etc), or project ideas.

If you'd like to ask me a question or contact me, you can send a comment through several of my pages (if it's relevant to them) or through my email: scribblemakescomms@gmail.com

You can also find me on:
Patreon || Neocities || Ko-fi || Tumblr

I also am part of the LHD Webring and run the LHD Clubhouse.

About the Site

I started making this site because social media was getting exhausting, but I fell in love with the process and ended up making way more than I expected. Coding is really fun! So here's a guide to all the pages I've added to this (way bigger than expected) site:

  1. Updates and Blog
  2. About
  3. Commissions (under construction)
  4. Shop (under construction)
  5. Code
  6. Art (under construction)
  7. Animation (under construction)
  8. Comics (under construction)
  9. Books (under construction)
  10. Games (under construction)
  11. Web Garden
  12. Shrines (under construction)