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Scribblemakes.com is the website of Scribblemakes (aka Marc). It hosts art, code, games, books, and more. To get started: click on one of the buttons on the left (or in the navigation panel if you're on a small screen) or scroll down to read more about the site and its webmaster.

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About the Website

Scribblemakes.com is a website made to host art, code, and other projects that you can enjoy, read, and download. It was first created in 2023 with the sole purpose of holding art and linking to an online store, but as other online spaces got less hospitable it became the host for everything.

This site has been remade several times, going through aesthetic changes and accessibility improvements, until it landed on the style you're currently seeing. Past styles were missing sections to show off other devs' pages (or had them on a different page) and didn't have comment sections, making this version far more community-friendly.

If you'd like to see how this page was made, or borrow some of the effects such as the buttons on the left, then feel free to open up the HTML and CSS in the browser inspector. You can do that in most browsers by right clicking on the page and clicking on 'inspector'.

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About the Webmaster

Hi! My name's Marc (aka Scribblemakes) and I'm a Jack of all Trades who loves making things like websites, games, and illustrations. I mostly want to make things that inspire others or help them make their own creations, like tools, interesting art, and game sets. I still like to make things just for me though, which I'm sure you'll see plenty of on this site.

Contact & Comments

Welcome to my contact page. If you have any questions you'd like a response to, fill in the: 'Questions & Feedback' section. If you have a comment or review you'd like to leave, fill in the: 'Comments & Reviews' section.
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Questions won't appear on this page (other visitors won't see it). I usually reply within a week of receiving a question or feedback.