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Welcome to my website! You'll find all sorts of things here: website themes, illustrations, blog posts, and more. To look through what I've made, click the link above that interests you the most. If you'd like to support me, check the menu in the top left for links to my Patreon and shop.

A lot of my pages are still under construction, so check back later if a page is empty or broken

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I'm Scribblemakes, the Australian artist and programmer who made this site. I love monsters, tabletop & video games, romances, and eldritch horror, and you can find a lot of that on my art and webgarden pages.

I make a wide range of things, from small sketches to whole website themes, and am always looking to learn more. You may see me learning as this website updates and I change how it looks. For example: This page has gone through at least 4 iterations, adding more complex elements while cleaning up how it flows (and improving its accessibility). The very first iteration of this site looked like a newspaper with its header, sidebar, and main article!

A lot of the things I make will end up on this page, especially anything code-based, so this is always a good spot to check in on if you want to see what I'm up to. If you'd rather not check often, and would like to receive updates, I also keep a RSS feed (the link here will take you to instructions on how to use a RSS feed, and my actual RSS link is at the top of those instructions).

If you'd like to know how I made anything on my site, or use any code that I've developed (a lot of which I offer for free), then you can ask questions and look at / download it on my code page. You can see more tutorials in my webgarden as well, like ayano's comment widget and Sadgrl's discord widget.