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Welcome to my Website!

I'm Scribblemakes, an artist and programmer! I love to make things that inspire and help people to create their own works.

I've organised this site into 12 subpages so it's easy to find whatever you're looking for. Looking for my art? There's pages for illustrations, sketches, animations, and so on. Looking for something to add to your own website? There's a page dedicated to website tutorials and downloadable files. Each page also has a comment section to leave your thoughts, requests, or questions!

Have fun exploring! See if you can find any secrets.


If you have Javascript enabled, you can use the image map in the 'image layout'. When you hover over, or focus on with tab, parts of the image they might change and become clickable. When you click on those parts, or press enter while focused, they'll take you to a subpage.

You can also use the books shown on the right. Each one is connected to a subpage and you can click on them, or press enter on them, to go to their page.

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